Discharge grants available to help people home from hospital

One-off grants of up to £1,200 are available in BNSSG to help people stay well at home following a hospital stay.

The discharge support grant scheme aims to help improve ‘flow’ through local hospitals and free up beds for those who are medically unwell, by supporting carers, families, friends or voluntary supporters with minor costs associated with keeping a loved one well at home following their discharge.

It can be used to support costs including childcare support, pet care and equipment. Funding can also pay for short-term personal care from a self-employed personal assistant, to help with day-to-day activities. It may be possible for a family member or friend to be supported to provide personal care.

Visit the website to find out more.

Working together to improve access to health across inner city Bristol

Bristol Inner City Primary Care Network (BIC PCN) , who Charlotte Keel Medical Practice is a member of, is delighted to announce that we have appointed Caafi Health to work with us to support underserved communities in Bristol.

Caafi Health is a grass roots project which focuses on improving community health and wellbeing. We know that some people find traditional NHS healthcare services difficult to access, and so by working with Caafi Health, we aim to provide an outreach service that will help to reduce the health inequalities that exist across Bristol inner city, and improve the health outcomes for our community.

The founders of Caafi Health, Huda Hajinur a nurse practitioner and Asha Mohamed an Adult Care Social Worker, provide a safe space where people can access information, support, education and coaching in order to overcome some of the day-to-day challenges experienced when accessing healthcare services.

Based at The Coach House in Portland Square, Caafi Health’s support services include workshops, community outreach, coaching and one-to-one sessions that reflect the needs, priorities and help required by individuals across diverse groups of people.

Caafi Health offer flexible ways of working with people by phone, online, face-to-face and the programmes they deliver include promoting healthier lifestyles, cancer screening awareness and Covid-19 vaccine promotion.

Dr Wil Klinkenberg, Clinical Director for BIC PCN said “We are thrilled to be working with Caafi Health and we are already planning to co-host community outreach events to improve understanding, access and uptake of NHS primary care services”.

Asha Mohamed, Co-Found of Caafi Health said “Working with BIC PCN has open-ended possibilities when it comes to overcoming the challenges underserved communities face with accessing health care services. Together we can address these challenges and plan for ways to improve outcome for all our diverse communities”.


Unit 18, The Coach House, 2 Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QN


Issued: 12 October 2021