Teaching & Training

As a practice we are great enthusiasts of teaching and training. We believe it not only helps bring on the next generation of doctors and nurses but it also keeps us up to date which  helps us deliver the best quality of care to our patients. 

We have a very long history of training both undergraduate medical students and postgraduate doctors, as well as sixth form students planning a career in medicine. We are also involved in the training of nurses and other health professionals. And, of course, we are constantly learning from each other. 

When you see the doctor or nurse, you may be asked if you are happy for a doctor or nurse in training to sit in on the consultation. We can reassure you that they are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as all our staff.  Most of our patients are happy with this arrangement and many find that the presence of a trainee adds something extra to the consultation.  However, if you prefer to be seen in private, please do not hesitate to say so.

Some of our patients also feel able to volunteer to support our training of medical students enabling students to learn what they need to become the doctors and nurses we will all rely on in the future.  


GP Registrar and F2 Training & Nurse training

The practice is enthusiastically involved in training for GP Registrars and F2 doctors and nurses.

Within the practice there are three approved GP trainers. In fact, the whole team is involved in training in some way. We feel that with the experience and the enthusiasm of both trainers and non-trainers alike, the skill mix, and the huge resource within the practice that is the patients, the opportunities for learning are now enormous.

We can accommodate three F2s or GP Registrars concurrently thus giving our trainees the support of their peers.  We encourage trainees from different years of training to plan their learning together; holding shared tutorials when and where learning needs overlap.

One of our GP trainers provide out-of-hours care and are therefore able to train in this important aspect of general practice. 

Drs Peter Allen, Shaba Nabi & Tahira Waraich would be happy to talk to you about training here.

We also have approved nurse trainers and work closely with the University Of the West Of England (UWE) to provide placements and learning.

Medical Student Teaching

The practice is enthusiastically involved in teaching undergraduate medical students in every year of the medical course at Bristol University.

Students come to the Charlotte Keel Health Centre to gain experience in general practice, learning how to talk to patients, to take a medical history and perform examination techniques. 

Please contact enquiries@brisdoc.org would be happy to deal with any interested students.

Sixth Form Work Experience

We are happy to take school sixth formers planning a career in medicine for a period of work experience. This includes time sitting in on consultations, which most students find a positive and inspiring experience. Please note that we do not take sixth formers who are registered with us or who live in the immediate practice area.  We are also happy to talk to patients of ours who wish to follow a career in medicine and answer any questions they may have. 

Please contact:  enquiries@brisdoc.org