Support people with substance issues and their families


Developing Health Indepenance (DHI) support people with substance issues and their families.

WebFAM is a Self-Help Tool for Families & Carers of Drug or Alcohol Users (dhi-online.org.uk). They offer a 24/7 online information and advice website for family members and carers of people with substance issues.

The site offers practical information on drug and alcohol addiction as well as signposting links to useful websites, organisations and online resources.
In addition, the site offers referral to our family groups, currently online, which provide safe and supportive spaces where family members and carers can meet people who’ve been through similar experiences.

If more one-to-one support is needed, we can also offer referrals to our family practitioner service of experienced substance issue professionals.
Family members or carers can refer themselves or professionals like GPs, practice nurses, etc, can refer to our service through our site.

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